Increase the Capacity of Vulnerable Women

The Economic Empowerment Program’s technical support for women victims of gender based violence increased their access to income generation opportunities and promoted economic independence. In 2017 the project was active in the five municipalities of Baucau (Wailili), Viqueque (Bibileo), Manatuto (Funar), Liquica (Liquica Vila) and Oe-cusse (Quina) with 120 women participating. See table by municipality below.

Municipality No. Beneficiaries
  Female Male
Baucau 24 0
Manatuto 21 0
Liquica 25 0
Oe-cusse 25 0
Viqueque 25 0

The project aims to improve the “quality of life” for gender based violence survivors and vulnerable women so they can live with greater safety and dignity. In addition, to achieve the desired project outcome, Alola Field Officers rely on the support of several partners including the Ministry of Social Solidarity (MSS), Associacão Chega Ba Ita (Acbit), the Timor Leste National Police / Vulnerable Person Unit (PNTL / VPU) and local authorities.

Firstly, communities vulnerable to high risk gender based violence are identified and supported by the Alola Advocacy Program. Secondly, these same groups are provided with socio – economic opportunities through micro loans, financial and small business management training, and marketing and entrepreneurship skills so that they can become more economically empowered.

Alola provided micro lending incentives of USD $1,500  to each of five groups in the five municipalities to support enterprises within the village. Through this initiative, women now have access to credit for their business activities. The micro lending and training package provided an integrated holistic approach. The Economic Empowerment  Programs continued to track the progress of the micro credit groups (2010 – 2017) and to evaluate the micro borrowing progress and challenges.