MCH Success Story


Gelica Correia is 26 years old and lives in Aldeia Klasto, Mota-ulun village, Bazartete sub-sub-district, Liquica district. She has four children including twins. The 3rd child is in this picture on the right. The twin’s names are Resia and Restia. Resia and Restia were born in Dili on 30 June 2012.

Three months after birth Resia and Restia were fed with both breast milk and formula powder mixed with water using a bottle by their mom. In February 2013, the baby called Restia suffers from diarrhea for 3 days. Their mom brought them to health post to find a nurse to seek treatment. Even though baby has got medicine she does not recover from the diarrhea.

Ms.Alianca seeks the nurse at his home to ask for help how Resti can recover soon. The nurse called Francisco asks Ms. Alinca; do you feed your baby with breast milk or formula milk? And Ms. Alinca answers the nurse’s question: I feed formula milk with a bottle and give some breast feeds to both of them. The nurse advises her; after you stop feeding with formula milk and bottle the diarrhea will stop and your babies will get good health. Alianca took the advice of Nurse Francisco and gave Restia breast milk with family foods and she got better.

The nurse also explained about the danger of using formula and bottle feeding such as baby gets diarrhea, infection, the mother needs to prepare formula and wash the bottles. He said when you commence feeding baby early with formula and not clean bottles this will lead to diarrhea. Breastfeeding is the optimal method for feeding babies. Moreover, the benefit from breastfeeding will decrease the risk to get breast and ovarian cancer explained by Nurse Francisco.

With case that happened to Restia, could be example and experience to the mother not to feed early with formula and bottle to their babies because it will give negative impact to children and mothers. During 0 to 6 months of age, it is best to feed babies, especially in the first hour after birth. The colostrum – yellow milk is really important to baby’s health as it gives immunity. Giving breast milk to babies after birth until 6 months of age is the ONLY food they need. The World Health Organisation recommends continuing breast feeding after 6 months until 2-years of age introducing family foods.***