This year, the MCH team expanded MSG/SHIO groups into 16 new villages in Liquica (11) Aileu (1) and Baucau (4). The Groups were established through the steps of program information and awareness raising at municipal and local levels and holding Participatory Problem Analysis training on Infant and Young Child Feeding and Basic Safe Motherhood for members. In addition some new groups of MSG/SHIO in Liquica had also learnt about sexual reproductive health for adolescents.

During the year, there were 110 MSG/SHIO existing groups continued to support safe motherhood and Infant and Young Child Feeding in 110 suku (villages) out in seven municipalities. In addition, 21 MSG/SHIO that was established last year in Ainaro municipality follow the new MSG/SHIO national guideline had been trained on Maternal New Born and Child Health package module. 

The outcomes of group’s activities undertaken at community level were counseling which provided through health posts and SISCas (Integrated Community Health Services)  and community discussion forums held at village level in 7 municipalities with 7,183 people participated. Apart from that, it has been raised the awareness of community includes pregnant women, breastfeeding mother   caregivers and their children on complementary feeding, importance of breastfeeding and safe motherhood which attended by 21,196 people. In addition, the MSG/SHIO member has been supporting referred mother and children to health facility consist of   80 pregnant women to give birth at health facilities, 35 women with pregnancy complications, 126 malnourished children, and 18 malnourished mothers.