Alola Photo Stock

Check out the largest collection of free #Alolamedia photography collection and find thousands of photos which are the best collections of various activities that the Alola Foundation organized. We hope that these collections can inspire everyone, to become a bridge to get to know the vision of the Alola Foundation which is realized with 4 major programs covering 4 main fields in order to create “strong women strong nation.”

“Strengthen Community Action and Empowering Media”

As an integral part of the entire program of the Alola Foundation, Alolamedia is not only a determinant of the success of information dissemination but also a bridge between the community and all program crews working for 4 main programs. Not only the community can find out more in all activities that the Alola Foundation does in the field but also as a source of information that can be trusted by national and international media partners including donors who have given their trust. With a variety of media products that are produced and through various strategies implemented, Alolamedia with its limitations tries to continue to serve the needs of the publicity of the program including serving information requests from media partners. Some of the slide shows that we show are a depiction of the work of Alolamedia so far. Enjoy.

In an opportunity to capture the moment of international women’s day 2019 organized by the Ermera women’s association, Alolamedia who joined the team from the maternal and child health program managed to capture a number of events summarized in several fantastic photos below.