The broad aim of the birth preparedness project are to support pregnant women to develop a birth plan, access professional childbirth care and gather the support of their community in organizing transport when labor begins.

This year Alola’s MCH program continued to strengthen its birth preparedness plan project in 18 villages in Oecusse.  Evaluation results show that from the total of 1,164 deliveries between January and November, 647 took place at home assisted by health workers; 313 deliveries occurred at a Community Health Center or health post; and, 204 deliveries were at home assisted by a Traditional Birth Attendance. Due to the distance and lack of health a facility which under construction makes women decided to deliver at home. Therefore, the project has had encouraged pregnant mother to deliver in health facility nearby for safe birth. The referral assistances to health post, Community Health Centers or Hospital that contribute by Birth Preparedness Planning coordinators has increased to 51 percent compared to last year’s achievement which only 31 percent.