Success Story From Citizen Forum

The Citizen Forums continue implementing at the village which has lead by the women chief of village that elected in 2016 and some candidates that support by Alola. The main objectives of the citizen forum are to lists the problems faced by women and children within the village and define the advocacy strategies to the relevant government institution at village and municipal level to respond to the community preoccupation. Another objective of the citizen forum is to support the women chief of village in perform its duties and responsibilities with efficient and efficacy   in decision making which considering gender sensitive. In 2017, there were 4 times citizen forum conducted in 24 villages across the country except Dili. The result of the citizen forum present in this report are from villages of Bibileo ,
Viqueque Municipality and  villages of Babulu, Manufahi Municipality .

 Bibileo village, is one of village located in Viqueque Municipality . Bibileo  has a population of 2,756 people (1,329 femaleand 1,435 male) and lead by the women village chief named Maria Odete dos Anjos Amaral who had been elected in 2016.  Before elected as chief of village She had been motivated and actively involved in Alola activities include leadership training, Gender based violence and relevant legal framework that guarantee the rights of women.   Furthermore, Alola has introduced the citizen forum activities in her village from 2016 as ongoing support to improve her advocacy skill. 

As a result of the citizen forum the health issue has been identified include insufficient of medicine, malnutrition, and lack of health facilities include ambulance, inadequate human resource and distance of health facilities which far from the community house. As a result of advocacy lead by the Mrs. Maria with women in village council and Field Officer of Alola in Viqueque, the ministry of health has distributed medicine to health post and reactivated regular meeting within the ministry of health in district level to improve the performance of health worker. Apart from that, other recommendation has been prioritize by the local government within their action plan.

Babulu village is located in  Manufahi Municipality, with a population of 4,468 people (2,221 female and 2,225 male). The village has been led by the Ms. Alisia de Jesus Nunes as a chief of village. She having Alola support before and after elected to strengthen her ability and skill for advancement of citizen in her village. The citizen forum is one of the activities that to reinforce the advocacy skill of the chief of village in advocating issue affected community to the municipal and national level. During the citizen forum, the key problem identified was education sector includes insufficient teachers,  lack of education quality, insufficient education facility, nearly 40  percent teacher are volunteer and government has not recognized, insufficient school feeding activities in some school  and inadequate  nutrition composition in menu of school feeding. The advocacy tool used by the village council member and the Field Officer of Alola in Manufahi was conducted meeting with relevant NGO no District Ministry of Education.

As a result the teacher training has been conducted in refer school in the Babulu village during school holiday which has facilitated by the international NGO that support government in improving the teacher skills. However, increasing the number of teachers, improving school facilities, ensure the efficiency school feeding and the hygiene and sanitation has been prioritized in local government plan