Increasing the capacity of our school leaders and teachers

With support from the Australian Embassy through Partnership for Human Development, the Alola Teacher Training project continued its work to support the Ministry of Education in the implementation of the new curriculum in primary schools in first cycle (grade 1-4). This program is called the Professional Learning and Mentoring Program (PLMP) and has the objective to improve students’ achievement and learning by building the capacity of teachers/leaders to support Timor Leste’s new curriculum and pedagogies.

The project continued its collaboration with national/international mentors and accompaniers to implement the 2nd phase of PLMP focusing on 12 primary schools of Daisoli cluster in Aileu and expanded to supervise the 3rd phase of PLMP in Bobonaro with 42 primary schools.

PLMP aims to improve students’ achievement by building the capacity of teachers/leaders in the new curriculum and pedagogies. Program components included mentoring through classroom observation;  administering EGRA/EGMA assessments to 285 grade 1 and 2 students – 318 boys and 278 girls at the 12 clusters of EBC Daisoli and 1490 students – girls: 713 boys: 777  at 42 schools in Bobonaro; and conducting Peer Learning Groups at schools and Leadership Training with school leaders.

In August 2017, the Professional Learning and Mentoring Program continued to engage and sustain the school leaders and teachers who had participated in phase 1 of the program during 2016 in Manatuto and Liquica. The project administered and re-contracted five accompaniers for four and a half months to support the school leaders and teachers. Two accompaniers were responsible for 33 Primary schools comprised of 4 Central schools and 29 Filial schools in Liquica. Three accompaniers were responsible for 32 schools comprised of 7 Central schools and 25 filial schools. All the data of PLMP were sent directly by school coordinators to IT Catalpa using a tablet device with technical assistance from the mentors and accompaniers.